Thursday 14 January 2016

E-Idaman Under Close Watch

Thursday, 7 January 2016
by Ivan Loh  |

Manjoi assemblyman Mohamad Ziad Mohamed Zainal Abidin (third from right) handing out rubbish bins to village heads during the launch of the joint solid waste management and public cleanliness programme. Also present at the launch were Zulkapli (left) and Zamri (right).
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SOLID waste management company Environment Idaman Sdn Bhd (E-Idaman) has started a six-month trial run of its service in Manjoi, Ipoh.

The service includes clearing up of illegal dumpsites, garbage collection, sweeping the streets, cleaning of drains and grass cutting.

Ipoh Datuk Bandar Datuk Zamri Man said E-Idaman was given a chance to show what they can do and they would be evaluated by the city council and state Solid Waste Management and Public Cleanliness Corporation (SWCorp) before a decision is made on hiring their services for the long run.

“Let me stress that we are not hiring them yet.

“They will now provide their services here so that everyone can understand their role,” he said after launching the joint solid waste management and public cleanliness programme in Manjoi on Tuesday.

The programme is a collaboration between the city council, SWCorp and E-Idaman.

Zamri said Manjoi was chosen because it was one of many areas with a heavy output of solid waste.

“A recent study showed that about 30 tonnes of garbage is collected from this area daily.

“We will try to discuss with E-Idaman chief executive officer Datuk Zulkapli Mohamed about widening the area covered,” he added.

State SWCorp director Fatimah Ahmad said under the agreement with E-Idaman, the solid waste company would use new equipment, including lorries, garbage compactors and rubbish bins.

“They will provide garbage bins to all landed houses and commercial lots here,” she said, adding that there were 5,467 homes, 218 commercial lots and several mosques in Manjoi.

“They will also have a scheduled collection of garbage and cleaning up of drains and the streets.

“We will observe and have a set of KPI for them to follow,” she said, adding that E-Idaman would be paid a nominal fee to cover its petrol cost.

Fatimah said collection of garbage would be done from house to house, three times a week.

“We will educate and encourage people to throw in the rubbish bins.

“We will also teach them how to do separation of waste and recycling later.

“There are about 300 illegal dumpsites here and we have started to clear these as well,” she said.

Ipoh City Watch (ICW) president Prof Dr Richard Ng said he has seen what E-Idaman could do in Perlis and Kedah and vouched for the company’s service.

“We understand that the city council is short-handed so we hope E-Idaman can do a great job here.

“E-Idaman will have to perform and achieve the KPI set for them.

“SWCorp will fine them if they miss out any collections or did not cut the grass at a location according to the standard operating procedure,” he added.

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