Monday 8 December 2014

More than 70 houses damaged in storm

Monday, 8 December 2014 |

PERAK TODAY 12 (1)  

IPOH: More than 70 houses in Kampung Tengku Hussein and Kampung Sungai Tapah in Manjoi here have suffered damage from storm and strong wind.

The incident reportedly occurred around 2.45pm yesterday has damaged and flown roof off homes of the people here.

One of the witnesses, Mohamad Fauzi Ismail, 61, told how their ordeal started when the storm hit from the beginning up to when the roof blew away from several adjacent houses.

"At the time, I was mowing outside the house and my wife was in the front yard while my elderly parents were in the house.

"Suddenly I saw a black cloud followed by a strong wind coming from the rear of the house carrying fragments of the roof," he told PerakToday here, today.

He said the incident occurred too quickly and gripped with fear, he was only able to azan when he saw the incident.

"I've lived here for 57 years and caring for my parents ... when the storm hit, I was worried and afraid if something bad happened," he said.


Meanwhile, another victim, Mazwin Mokhtar, 35, said almost 90 percent of the roof of her house was blown away by the storm.

"During the incident about 2:30 pm, exceptionally strong winds blew and I was in the house with my husband and four children, aged two to 18 years.

"We were only able to take refuge in a room when the winds blew almost the entire roof off and damaged goods in this house," she said.

She explained that working as an operator, she has suffered financial difficulty following the damage and needed aid immediately.


"I'm just working as an operator in a printing factory while my husband is a truck driver, and this causes us to have difficulty to cover the expenses of repairing the damages.

"I hope immediate assistance can be given, especially since the children are about to start school," she added.

Yaakob, who is also one of the victims in the incident also expressed shock.

"At that time, I was about to have a drink but was surprised to hear a loud sound from outside. Strong winds have also damaged the back of the house and this is the worst incident that has ever happened," she said.

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