Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The launching of Akademi Bola Sepak DUN Manjoi

On 13 Jan. 2019, YB Hj. Asmuni Awi had launched Akademi Bola Sepak DUN Manjoi (Football Academy of DUN Manjoi) at the football field of Kampung Tg. Hussein, Ipoh.

Photos from facebook.com/hajiasmuniawi and facebook.com/pkpradunmanjoi.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Gugusan Manjoi was hit by storm

On 5 Januari 2019, Gugusan Manjoi was hit by a storm which damaged houses and felled trees around Manjoi. Dato' Seri MB Ahmad Faizal and ADUN Hj. Asmuni Awi visited victims on that day.

Help and support were organised immediately. Various organisations came forward to help with repairs of the houses and other forms of aid to lessen the burden of the victims. Repair works of the houses, roof and roads, including cutting felled trees were carried out by volunteers, with the help of fire department and MBI.

Photos and news from facebook.com/pkpradunmanjoi, facebook.com/hajiasmuniawi, facebook.com/peja.azumu.ppbm and facebook.com/AWAN-Tambun-PERAK.

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