Wednesday 15 June 2011

General Overview

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Gugusan Manjoi is a cluster of Malay villages (kampung) to the west of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It is about 560.8 hectares/1,402 acres and consists of five smaller villages and their sub-villages:

1.                  Manjoi
a.      Manjoi Lama
b.      Manjoi Baru
c.      Manjoi Baru Tambahan

2.                  Tengku Hussein
a.      Tengku Hussein Lama
b.      Tengku Hussein Baru
c.      Tengku Hussein Hujong

3.                  Dato’ Ahmad Said (DAS)
a.      DAS
b.      DAS Tambahan 1
c.      DAS Tambahan 2
d.      DAS Tambahan 3

4.                  Sungai Tapah
a.      Sungai Tapah
b.      Sungai Tapah Tambahan
c.      Sungai Tapah Seberang

5.                  Jelapang Baru

What used to be (mostly) abandoned tin mines and rubber estates, Gugusan Manjoi is now home to about 40 000 people. There are about 210 business premises with 90% of them is run by small business owners (2007 data).

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