Thursday 16 June 2011

Roads in Gugusan Manjoi

For first timers, roads in Gugusan Manjoi can be confusing. If you’ve never entered a Malay settlement before, Gugusan Manjoi can be quite a challenge – all roads and houses look almost  the same. Never enter Gugusan Manjoi at night if you don’t know the roads like the back of your hands.

There are several major roads in Manjoi: Raja, Menteri, Rajawali, Intan, Dato’ Sagor, Tun Terang, Cempaka, Alang Ishak, Pasar, Madrasah and Padang, just to name a few. These roads are identified as major because of their traffic volume and width. However, there are many linking roads, equally significant, but narrow and short, which made them appear insignificant.

Make sure you also know detours, in case there are road closures due to wedding receptions (held on the road due to lack of space, usually legally with permission from MBI), or road repairs (rare but happens from time to time, as you can see from the clumsy patch work of our roads). Detours are generally easy, because most roads are linked to one another, somehow. But there are many dead-ends here.

Sub-villages/clusters of Gugusan Manjoi are easy to identify. Most of the times (not always), each sub-village/cluster roads are named based on something:

Manjoi Baru: roads are named after titles of positions in a government/administration, such as Pegawai, Perwira, Datok, Datin, Menteri, Raja.

Manjoi Baru Tambahan: roads are named after precious stones, like Berlian and Intan.

Tengku Hussein Lama: TH Lama is a very small sub-village/cluster. Most roads are called Tok Ketua and its variation.

Tengku Hussein Baru: a bigger TH sub-village, but still small. The names of roads are related to society, such as Muhibbah and Budiman.

Tengku Hussein Hujung: another TH sub-village. Roads are named after blessings from God, such as Syukur, Rahmat and Nikmat.

DAS: similar to MBT, roads here are named after precious stones, such as Intan, Delima, Nilam and Zamrut.

DAS 1: a very small sub-village. The only main road is named Orkid, and the rest is its variation.

DAS 2: roads are named after birds, such as Rajawali, Kedidi, Serindit, Tekukur, Merbah and Tiong.

DAS 3: also known as Sg. Kati, the roads here are named after types of wood, such as Keranji, Jelutong and Merbau.

Sungai Tapah: roads here are named after flowers, like Mawar, Cempaka, Bunga Raya, Dahlia and Melor.

Sungai Tapah Tambahan: roads are named after types of fish, such as Tapah, Puyu, Kelah and Toman.

Sungai Tapah Seberang: roads are named after famous Malay freedom fighters/warriors, like Megat Terawis, Dato’ Sagor, Tun Terang and Alang Ishak.

Jelapang Baru: Just like TH Lama and DAS 1, the roads in this small sub-village has only  one name; Cenderawasih and the rest are its variation.

Map below is a rough illustration of each sub-village/cluster in gugusan Manjoi.

Click on map for original size

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