Thursday 16 June 2011

History of Gugusan Manjoi

Short History

The village was founded around 1900 by Uda Kidal from Bota, Perak. He and a few of his friends opened a piece of land outside of Ipoh to look for better livelihood.

According to Uda Kidal’s grandson, Abdul Mat Desa, 75, who still lives here, “Manjoi” is named after Uda Kidal’s grandfather, Tok Manjoi, a very pious man. Tok Manjoi, whom Uda Kidal was very close to, advised him to care for the area and make sure the settlers do not squabble with one another.

Another version of the story stated that “Manjoi” is derived from Uda Kidal’s wife’s name, Teh Manja. “Manja” in Parit dialect sounds like “manj√©”. The word evolved and became “Manjoi”.

Soon, more and more people, especially from Parit and Bota migrated to the area. Kampung Manjoi grew bigger and became well-known as an urban Malay settlement in Ipoh. As the number of people increased, especially when the government agreed to lease the land to the people, more villages were opened. To date, it is the largest urban Malay settlement in the state of Perak, and in Malaysia.

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