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There are three national primary schools, three national secondary schools and several religious schools in Gugusan Manjoi:

National Primary Schools:

SK Manjoi 1, Jalan Masjid
Tel.: 05-5260408
Fax: 05-5286572

SK Manjoi 2, Jalan Masjid
No. Telefon: 05-5265441
No. Fax: 05-5268129

SK Dato' Ahmad Said Tambahan
Tel/Faks : 05-5268889

Main gate of  SK Dato' Ahmad Said Tambahan and SMK Dato' Ahmad Said, Lebuh Rajawali
SK Dato' Ahmad Said Tambahan, Lebuh Rajawali

National Secondary Schools:

SMK Dato' Ahmad Said, Lebuh Rajawali
Tel : 05-5270020
Fax : 05 – 5282218
email :

SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Jalan Intan
Tel : 05 526 7522
Fax : 05 526 5334
Email :

SMK Jelapang Jaya
Email :

Islamic School with Government Assistance

SABK Maahad Al-Imam Asy-Syafiee, Jelapang
Tel: 05-5273278
Fax: 05-5281275

Primary Islamic Schools

There are several primary Islamic schools in Gugusan Manjoi. Among them:

1. SAR At-Taufiqiyah, Kg. Manjoi

2. SRAR Al-Ittihadiah, Kg. Tengku Hussein

3. SRAR Osmaniah, Kg. Tengku Hussein Hujong

4. SAR Al-Rahmaniah, Kg. Dato' Ahmad Said Tambahan 2

5. SAR Ahmadiah, Kg. Dato' Ahmad Said Tambahan

6. SAR Ittihadiah, Kg. Tengku Hussein

7. SAR Al-Hassaniah, Kg. Seberang Sg. Tapah

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