Wednesday 15 June 2011

Surrounding Areas of Gugusan Manjoi

Gugusan Manjoi is near several significant areas in Ipoh:

  • Silibin
    • A popular commercial centre in Ipoh, Silibin is located along Jalan Silibin, to the south of Gugusan Manjoi. Silibin commercial centre is at the main entry road to Gugusan Manjoi (via Tg. Hussein Baru). You can find almost everything here, from lawyers to reflexology service.

  • Jelapang
    • Another popular commercial centre, especially for its wet market, it is located along Jalan Jelapang (from Jalan Silibin to PLUS highway). The Jelapang town is a busy commercial centre right in the centre of the long road.

  • Meru
    • Meru includes Taman Meru, Meru Heights, Taman Jati and everything there, on the northern part of Jalan Jelapang. It now includes Meru Raya, a 209 acres of MSC Malaysia Cybercentre status area (May 2007) near the highway. It is still developing and expanding.

  • Jalan Kuala Kangsar and Jalan Maxwell (Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman)
    • Maxwell Road used to be a significant commercial centre, but the blooming of Silibin rendered this part of town almost sleepy. However, it is still important to the surrounding residence. Jalan Kuala Kangsar, on the other hand, is prospering, being a major link road. It is most popular for the vases and pots, as well as plastic flowers and accessories. Gunung Lang Recreation Park is located along this road.

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