Sunday 5 May 2013

13th General Election (2013) in Gugusan Manjoi

On-duty staff at SK Manjoi 2
The 13th General Election day ran smoothly and lively today, without serious incidents in Gugusan Manjoi. Manjoi citizens went to the polls early in the morning. The supporters of all political parties also thronged the main streets to show their support.

Contesting candidates in this election:

ADUN Manjoi 
BN: Mohamad Ziad Mohamed
PAS: Hj Asmuni Awi

Tambun MP 
BN: Dato 'Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah
PKR: Siti Aishah Sri Kandi

Pictures around Gugusan Manjoi today
(Click on image for actual size) 
DSCF6334s DSCF6335s DSCF6336s DSCF6340s DSCF6341s DSCF6342s DSCF6343s DSCF6344s  DSCF6322s DSCF6323s DSCF6324s DSCF6325s DSCF6326s DSCF6328s DSCF6329s DSCF6330s DSCF6331s DSCF6332s DSCF6333s


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